Developed to honor women for who we are and what we stand for! Our aim is self expression through clothing. At our trendy & chic ready-to-wear online boutique, we offer amazing fashion at affordable prices! 

We attribute style with a sense of freedom. Fashion is more than just wearing something for the day. It's a way to let everyone know who you are and express your personality without words. 

At Lovely Model Box we know that sometimes you just need to make a statement! We offer a collection of fabulous fashion, ready-to-arrive to your door within days! You never have to worry about not receiving an item on time. Simply, select your desired arrival date from our shipping options menu, and your package will be out to you in no time.

Lovely Model Box is your answer to all your ready-to-wear fashion needs. Plus, we are constantly updating and adding new merchandise! You can find everything from Dresses, Rompers, Matching Sets to Accessories. We even have a custom tee shop, where any tee can be customized with your name! And don't forget about out resort swimwear for your vacation! Last,but definitely not least, our beauty bar where you will be able to get all your luxe bath products *coming soon!


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In Honor of Cymonne,

A girl who always stayed strong & never gave up.  A soul who continues to inspire everyday. A true example of beauty, compassion, resilience and style.   A tribute to all women, who through time, remain youthful in mind and spirit.


- Love you Forever



















**A portion of all purchases will be Donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Together We can Help Save Lives!